1. Have a Happy Halloween With These Tips

    One night a year, the sky seems a little darker than usual. A crisp air blows through the streets. The smallest noise will make you jump. And black cats seem to be the scariest animal in the world. Yes, it’s Halloween.

    It’s also the one night of the year that a kid can do all the things they aren’t normally supposed to: Talk to strangers, cross the street, stay up late, and of course, most importantly, eat a lot of candy.  However, as a parent, it is important to enforce some safety tips to ensure the night can be fun and problem free.

    Trick-or-Treater Tips:

    Knowing it might be dark out when the kids are knocking door to door, consider placing reflectors or reflective tape on shoes, costumes, or treat bags. This will allow for greater visibility.

    Avoid any sharp accessories for costumes including pointy swords, sticks, etc. Find some that have rounded edges or are made from plastic. Why?  Explain further

    Don’t forget to send a flashlight out! Before doing so, check that it works and that it has fresh batteries.

    Go over the basics with kids. Remind them to look both ways before crossing the street and always watch for cars. Also tell them to avoid eating candy that isn’t wrapped completely and to only visit homes with lights on.  Also reminding them to stay in a group at all time.- not a sentence Encourage them to always walk on the sidewalk versus the road and stay on the well lit streets.

    Of course, a parent or responsible adult should always accompany children throughout the neighborhood for safety purposes.

    Candy Givers:

     If you happen to be staying home to pass out candy and judge Halloween costumes, consider some of these things to keep your visitors safe.

    Remove anything from your yard or porch that could potentially trip someone.

    Restrain any pets so they can’t reach visitors.

    Keep a light on to make the path easier to see.

    Candy eaters:

    The work has been done. After hours of getting dressed, walking door to door to ask for candy, and attempting to not let anyone frighten them, the kids have collected buckets full of delicious, sugary, finger-lickin’ good candy.  To avoid a sugar overload, make sure they have a healthy balances meal first. This will prevent them from eating more candy than needed.

    Ration treats over the course of the next few days or even weeks.

    Though tampering is rare, make sure to look through candy and trash any pieces that are unwrapped, spoiled, or suspicious.


    Halloween can be a very fun holiday, especially for kids (or candy lovers). If you keep these tips in your mind, your Halloween will be a treat! Have a boo-utiful evening!

    Don’t forget to check the paper for local trick –or-treat times!