1. Furry Friend Fun- Dog Park Etiquette For Your Favorite Pooch!

    Are you an animal lover? Who isn’t?

    We love our furry residents at Neal Communities, so much so that we’ve added Dog Parks for residents at many of our communities including Central Park, Forest Creek, and Grand Palm. Dog parks not only allow another opportunity for residents to get out and socialize, but they also give our furry friends a chance to shed their leashes and have a little fun!

    Why should you consider taking your lovable pet to one of the dog parks? There are many things about these parks that benefit your pooch! A fenced-in, off-leash park provides a safe environment for your dog to run and play freely. Because the odds of being there alone are slim to none, they are also a great place for your dog to socialize.

    While there may be no words spoken, socializing your dog lets your pet learn to to get along with dogs of all breeds, sizes, ages, and temperaments.  Another great reason to visit one of our dog parks is to allow your pet to exercise. Just like humans, animals need exercise for physical and mental health. Plus, dog parks can help build stronger communities by neighbors meeting neighbors and becoming friends.

    So if all of the great reasons to visit a dog park have you sold on the idea, there is some dog park etiquette to know before you bring your 4-legged friend out for some play time.

    Before you go:

    • Visit the park first without your puppy to make sure it is right for both you and your dog.
    • Make sure your dog is up-to-date on his/her vaccinations. You should consider medicating for fleas and vaccinating for ‘kennel cough” to protect your dog if you planto attend the park regularly.
    • Consult with your veterinarian about your dogs overall health.
    • Don’t bring females in heat or unneutered males. This is a doggy park no-no.
    • Make sure your dog is properly trained and will come when called. Check out this video on tips to train your dog to sit and stay!
    • If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs, it’s a good idea to avoid the dog park and wait until your dog is trained to become friendlier towards other dogs.  You know your dog best, and it’s up to you to determine if your dog will behave and interact positively with others.

    While There:

    • Make sure your dog is enjoying him or herself at the park. If they look uncomfortable, don’t force the situation, remember this is all for your dog! Some dogs become anxious, aggressive, fearful, or angry when around other dogs. Others become bullies. If your dog is one extreme or another, you might consider skipping the dog park and maybe finding professional help to locate a qualified expert who can help you.
    • Clean up after your dog.  Nobody likes to step into a mess, even at the dog park!
    • Supervise your animal at all times and be aware of what’s happening so you can interfere when necessary.

    Our dog parks are the perfect place to relax and spend quality time with your pooch after a long day.  Check out our Facebook page to view some of our adorable and furry residents!