1. 2014- The Year to Get Uncluttered

    If you are still trying to come up with a worthy resolution, we have a great idea for you. Why not make a promise to make 2014 the year you get your house more organized! Sure it isn’t the most exciting resolution around but it beats eating lettuce everyday, right?

    Here at Neal Communities, we put together a list of some super easy (and yet completely genius) ways to start organizing right now.

    Get excited – or as excited as you can about organization!

    1. Is your closet overflowing with clothes that don’t fit, don’t flatter, or just don’t do it for you anymore? We’ve all been there. But why hold on to clothes you aren’t using when there is someone out there who could really use them? Take the time to go through your closet and remove anything you haven’t worn in a while. Consider donating to some of these organizations!

    • DressForSuccess- This Company collects professional attire and distributes them to disadvantaged women who have an interview lined up. Since 1997, over 700,000 women have been helped through this organization. Read more about it here.  http://www.dressforsuccess.org
    • Cinderella Project- Still holding on to an old gown or dress you don’t fit in anymore or something you just don’t see yourself wearing again? Check out this organization that gives donated  dresses to girls who can’t afford a prom dress. Find more information here.  http://www.cinderellaproject.net/about-us-1/sister-sites/
    • In addition, check local churches, crisis centers, or shelters. Many battered women’s shelters, homeless shelters, and churches are constantly looking for donations. Call them to see what they need.
    2.  If you have extra wall space, check out this tip. Build shelves between your clothes racks and place baskets on the shelves. Fill them with whatever fits; purses, flip-flops, high heels, scarves, belts, or ties.
    3.  If you are running out of room in your kitchen, have no fear. We have a few solutions that will help you utilize unused space and declutter your cabinets and drawers (or give you more room to get new stuff, wink wink).
    • We found this on Pinterest, a sliding cabinet device that organizes and stores your pots and pans.
    • Utilize the doors of cabinets by placing small storage racks on the inside of them. Place sponges, cleaners, spices, or other small items in them to give you more space and easily locate items you use frequently. (See photo at top of article)

    4.  You most likely spend a lot of time in your main room. Living room, family room, whatever you choose call it, let’s not have any reason to call it the messy room.  Purchase a small caddy to store remote controls, pens, magazines, glasses, or whatever else you have laying around on the coffee table. 

    *Photo credit: Better Homes and Gardens


    We told you the tips were easy. What are some of the tricks you’ve done to make your home more organized? Leave a comment and share your ideas!