1. Wash, Dry and a must buy !


    A recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders listed the Laundry Room as one of the top things that people want in their homes. With such a sought-after room, it’s important to be sure you’ve got a home that corresponds with your needs.

    Many of our Neal Communities’ homes include a separate laundry room with space for storage and the option to have a large laundry sink.  One of these homes is the Windsong model at Grand Palm featured above. There has never been a better time to buy in the Sarasota/Bradenton area and you have a lot of available choices.

    Visit our website for a full list of move in ready homes.



  2. Lower Your Energy Bill This Month!

    As a Floridian, you most likely can’t imagine your life without air conditioning. Rightly so considering the long summer days can get up to over 100 degrees and the humidity is thick as molasses. Good thing living on the Gulf Coast, we benefit from warm ocean breezes!

    Luckily, temperatures and humidity have dropped making this time of year the perfect time to save some money on your utility bills.

    This is a topic Neal Communities places a high value on, especially as the recent winner of the “Builder of the Year “at the Green Trends Conference. The award was presented from The Florida Green Building Coalition, the leading certifier of green projects in Florida.

    In a press release highlighting the award, president and CEO Pat Neal stated “ We were green before it was popular.” He continued stating, “ We are committed to staying current on sustainable building practices.”

    Here are some tips to cut your utility bill.

    Turn off the A/C. That’s right. We asked the unthinkable. Turn off the air, open some windows and breathe in some fresh air. You will be amazed at the difference you’ll see on your next bill from just a couple of days without your A/C running. If you simply can’t stomach the idea, consider setting it to 78 to conserve as much energy as possible without turning it off.

    Consider a Dimmer. With the ability to select the amount of light you need, you can conserve energy by dimming lights when possible.

    Line Dry Your Laundry. Challenge yourself to drying your clothes on a clothesline for one month. If this isn’t an option, try a drying rack. Bonus- you won’t have to clean the lint out of your dryer for a while either.

    Unplug the unused. If you aren’t using an electronic, toaster, blender, radio, TV, etc, unplug it completely. Surprisingly 75% of energy used by home electronics is consumed when the product isn’t even turn ON.

    Change your filters. It is recommended that you change you filter ever 30 days for maximize efficiency (hence minimum energy used).  These can be purchased at local stores even the grocery!

    Lower the temperature of your water heater. If you aren’t planning on being home for a couple hours, adjust the water temperature. 13% of your electricity goes into heating water. So by setting your hot water heater to 130-140 degrees, you can lower this percentage significantly. Just don’t forget to reset it if needed. Not exactly a handy man or woman? No problem. Check out this video for a step-by-step on how to accomplish this simple task!

    Going green isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s an effort to make this world a better place! Do your part to protect the earth and be rewarded by a smaller electricity bill. What will you do with all the money you save?

  3. Summer Nights- Backyard Bliss

    Summer is just around the corner, and you might find yourself spending more time in the outdoors. If you enjoy entertaining family and friends, or just want to spruce up your outdoor area, check out these great tips!

    Lights. Lighting can set the mood and don’t have to cost a fortune. Consider using your holiday lights to wrap around tree trunks. Tiki torches, candles, and cheap lights can all be found at local stores like Target or Walmart. Consider stringing lights from corners to brighten the scenery and add decoration.

    Decorations. Outdoor accessories can really transform an outdoor space into a something magical.  Check out local flea markets and dollar stores for pots, bowls, ornaments, lanterns, chairs, and other outdoor items.  Don’t be afraid to get crafty! If you find an item that has potential, consider painting, decorating, or fixing it. Pinterest has millions of ideas to help you!

    Privacy. You want your outdoor space to feel private and comfortable. Consider growing tall shrubs, hanging plants, or placing a garden gate in area to provide privacy from neighbors.

    Customize. Add something that best suits your personality. Maybe it’s a hammock to take naps in, or a wicker chair perfect for reading a book. A porch swing can be hung to sit with a friend and share stories,  and an herb garden can be grown with love and care. The beauty of owning a home is making it customized to you.

    Create an outdoor space that will be the hangout spot of the summer! What ideas do you have for your backyard?