1. November Farmers Market

    Bright like fresh lemons, as beautiful as a bouquet, and as soothing as a strum….this is how their website describes the Sarasota Farmers Market! And they couldn’t be more on target! For over 30 years, the Sarasota Farmers Market has been serving our community with local produce, plants, prepared foods and artisans.

    If you haven’t been to the Sarasota Farmers Market, you simply MUST add it to your list of items to experience! With over 70 vendors and over 5,000 sq. ft. of produce and plants, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Sample fresh fruits and vegetable, listen to local artists, and capture the essence of a true Farmers Market in your own town!

    The market is held every Saturday (rain or shine) from 7 am – 1 pm on Main and Lemon Streets in downtown Sarasota. Homemade jelly, fresh fruits and vegetables, and colorful plants and flowers are just a few items you will find as you stroll through the market.

    Bring your family, friends and four legged companions and make an event of it. There are freshly pre-packaged meals you can purchase as your stroll the market meeting the local farmers who grown and produce these culinary delights.

    Having a local farmers market benefits both the producers and the consumers of these organic products. By purchasing from these local farmers, residents know exactly where their food comes from, and the ingredients are fresher and likely contain fewer chemicals than the same ingredients found at a local supermarket.

    Farmers Markets also help to stimulate the local economy. When people purchase from local farmers, they help to keep these farmers in business so they can continue to harvest a healthy crop every year. This helps to keep our community closer, as it creates direct ties between the local farmers and our local residents.

    Farmers Markets benefit not only the producers and consumers; they also are great for the environment and the community! So, won’t you join us this weekend at the Sarasota Farmers Market?

    To learn more, visit their website at http://www.sarasotafarmersmarket.org/

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