1. Outdoor Living

    Bringing the indoors out and the outdoors in is a privilege few get to experience.  Thankfully, the tropical Southwest Florida lifestyle provides us with such luxuries! At Neal Communities, we believe in personalizing your home and making it fit your lifestyle, so why not pull out all the stops? From breathtaking pools, to optimal grilling & relaxation space, we can bring all the comforts of the indoors outside. Need to see it to believe it?  Look no further; we have the gallery just for you!

  2. 2014 Home Trends

    At Neal Communities we work to provide exceptional customer care while making the design of your home the perfect place to fit your lifestyle. Not sure what your style is? Take our Facebook HomeStyle Quiz.

    One thing that most homeowners strive for is to remain current in their home décor.  A great way to stay current is to go over the newest home trends each year.

    So here we go, counting down the top 5 predicted home trends of 2014 in case you want a new look this New Year.

    5. The Pantone Color of the Year has been announced for 2014 and the winner is (insert drumroll here), Radiant Orchid.  This color “ emanates great joy, love and health and intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination.” Do you like the color? Could you see yourself incorporating as an accent wall or furniture?

    4. Patterns have been making their way back into everything from fashion trends to home decorating. Two particular patterns we have been seeing a lot include the chevron and floral designs. Find a new place to add some pattern. An accent rug, a new chair, curtains, or decorative pillows are all great ideas.  Can’t make up your mind? Try a combination like in this Gull 2 Cottage at Woodbrook. A patterned area rug really stands out and makes a statement for the room as shown in this picture. Notice the chairs have a subtle patterned and the curtains as well.

    3.  Open floor plans are becoming more and more desired in a new home. Imagine being able to cook dinner and still hold a conversation (with eye contact and all) with the kids in the living room. This gives the home a more spacious and relaxed look. Luckily, an open floor plan is a staple for many of Neal Communities floor plans. Just another way you can get the family all together.

    2.  Bright colors are also hot in design. Teals, reds and yellows are three colors predicted to make waves this New Year.  Not sure how or where to incorporate them? Get creative! Consider buying new vases, new dinnerware or even filling the home with bright flowers in these colors.

    1. Technology is all around us. Smart phones, tablets, gaming systems and other technology pieces have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Now they are becoming a bigger par of our homes as well. Apple’s U-socket is an outlet that allows for charging iPhones, gaming devices, cameras, Kindles, iPads, and more. They also shut off when the charge is complete.  Smart TV’s are also trending allowing users to view content through the Internet. Have a hilarious YouTube skit you can’t wait to show friends? Try Google’s Chromecast. A simple plug into your TV and you can stream YouTube.

    What trends will you be following this year? Follow us on Pinterest for more ideas! Happy New Year from Neal Communities!

  3. Designing Diva- What’s Your Homestyle?

    There is nothing more exciting than buying a new home except for decorating your new home. Don’t you just love the feeling you get when you walk into a store and find the perfect item for your living room? Do you get excited when you get to go shopping for items to decorate your home?

    At Neal Communities, we put a lot of value, time, and consideration into the design of your home to make sure it is custom to your lifestyle and personal taste. However, what makes a home your own is the personal touch you give to it.

    What is your home style? Do you know? Does the Florida coastline inspire your design style, from the colors to the signature pieces around your home? Or maybe you prefer a look of elegance and only allow for the very best appliances to be found in your home?  Whatever your style, we here at Neal Communities want to help bring it to life! Take our home style quiz to discover what your taste is!

    If you dream in diamonds and pearls and tend to appreciate extravagant accessories, a lavish design would be perfect for you. Spoil yourself with a large bathtub, extra closet space to store all of those shoes you’ve collected, and hang chandeliers as your light fixtures.

    Do you love to entertain family and friends? Use this as the time to show all the little details in your home that make it so beautiful.  From the wine glasses, to the granite tops, to the beautiful wood floors, your home is sure to impress.  Check out Pinterest to find inspiration for flower bouquets to place around the house. For homes that will fit your luxurious taste, check out our Fairhaven II and Barbados II models. Both offer spacious floorplans, 3 car garages, and plenty of bragging rights.

    If you live in Florida primarily for the white sand, pristine waters, and bountiful beached, why not bring the beach into your home? Nautical decorations, greens and blues, and a little sand on the floor you carried home from the beach complete your home. Looking for the perfect piece to complete your look? Try creating this homey bench we discovered on our Pinterest page!

    Do you need a home decorated in such a way that will impress visitors and also allow for your kids and dog to feel at home? Finding a functional floorplan is the first step, and our Harmony Classic and Starlight Tradition are the perfect places to start. If you need a little help designing kids rooms, you can’t miss our “Kids Room”  board full of great decorating ideas!

    When you decorate, do you like to keep things simple and uncluttered?  Do the Florida surroundings inspire your design – from the color palettes, to the artwork, to the lighting? It’s easy to do when you consider we live where other people vacation. Get inspired by your surroundings!

    Take our quiz and discover your style and find more ideas to decorate your home. And don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest!

  4. Summer Nights- Backyard Bliss

    Summer is just around the corner, and you might find yourself spending more time in the outdoors. If you enjoy entertaining family and friends, or just want to spruce up your outdoor area, check out these great tips!

    Lights. Lighting can set the mood and don’t have to cost a fortune. Consider using your holiday lights to wrap around tree trunks. Tiki torches, candles, and cheap lights can all be found at local stores like Target or Walmart. Consider stringing lights from corners to brighten the scenery and add decoration.

    Decorations. Outdoor accessories can really transform an outdoor space into a something magical.  Check out local flea markets and dollar stores for pots, bowls, ornaments, lanterns, chairs, and other outdoor items.  Don’t be afraid to get crafty! If you find an item that has potential, consider painting, decorating, or fixing it. Pinterest has millions of ideas to help you!

    Privacy. You want your outdoor space to feel private and comfortable. Consider growing tall shrubs, hanging plants, or placing a garden gate in area to provide privacy from neighbors.

    Customize. Add something that best suits your personality. Maybe it’s a hammock to take naps in, or a wicker chair perfect for reading a book. A porch swing can be hung to sit with a friend and share stories,  and an herb garden can be grown with love and care. The beauty of owning a home is making it customized to you.

    Create an outdoor space that will be the hangout spot of the summer! What ideas do you have for your backyard?