1. Do It Yourself Projects- Time to Get Crafty

    Do you enjoy making things from scratch, or repurposing old items and making them into something fresh and new? Or perhaps you are always looking for new ways to get your house more organized.

    Consider trying some DIY projects? With a little Pinterest inspiration, you will be surprised to learn that even you can be the next Martha Stewart, impressing your friends (and yourself) with organization ideas, recipes, and even crafts!

    To start, visit our Neal Communities Pinterest Page to get inspired! In this blog, we are going to outline how you can use wooden pallets to create beautiful and rustic home décor. You heard us correctly, wooden pallets.

    Many times, local business and stores have wooden pallets laying around that they will give you for free. Try asking larger department and grocery stores after deliveries take place. Another suggestion is many times people offer wooden pallets for free on Craigslist!

    Project One: Create the perfect patio table. Doesn’t this picture make you want to be sitting in one of those chairs, drinking lemonade with an old friend? One of the things we loved most about this particular table was the wheels on the bottom, allowing you to move it around as necessary. You have the ability to stain the wood whatever color you like! Check out this YouTube Video on how to stain wood.



    The second idea we loved was the idea of using the wooden pallets as a headboard. The wood immediately gives the bed a rustic look and paired with the white bedding, the headboard really stands out.  If this were our bedroom, we would place fresh lilacs on the nightstand for a spice of color – not to mention, we love how they  smell! Would you use this idea for your headboard?



    Even if you don’t consider yourself to be crafty, you might want to become crafty just to create this beautiful outdoor sofa! While the project might take more time than the others, the end result will be worth it! Decorate the finished product with colored pillows of your choice or swap pillows out based on the season.  Where would you place this new piece of furniture? Something about this chair makes us want to place it outside where we can sit in it and catch the sun set.



    What are some of YOUR ideas of things you would create using wooden pallets?  Whether you are a seasoned expert or a beginner in the craft department, with a little time and a lot for patience, you can create beautiful pieces like the one above. If you want to brush up on your skills before trying these at home, check out some local craft classes in Sarasota.  Plus, your local craft stores, such as Michaels, offers classes year round. Join in the fun and get building! Be sure to share photos of items you’ve created for your Neal Communities home on our Facebook page!


  2. Kids DIY Fathers Day Craft

    A dad is a man who wears many hats. He is the brave man who checks for monsters in the closet and under the bed. He is teacher on how to throw a baseball, or how to fix a car. He is the master of the grill, the fixer of the broken objects around the house, and an all-around fun guy to be with.

    This Fathers Day, give your dad a gift he will love that comes from the heart!

    Coffee Lover Dad. Buy a plain colored mug and paint either a message or picture on it. “I love dad” or “World’s best dad” are some ideas to get you started.

    World Traveler Dad. Put together a traveling shaving kit. Include shaving cream, toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, and other necessities he could use on the road.

    Office Dad. Paint a picture frame and place your favorite photo inside.  That way, he can see it everyday while he is at work.

    Chef Dad. Buy a plain white apron and decorate it “ King of the Grill” “Kiss the Cook” or Grill Master are all fun things to write. We loved this apron idea from this blog.

    Card Player Dad. If your dad loves playing cards, consider making him his own set. Trace the shape of a card and cut 52. You can make each suite something he loves, a baseball, a golf ball, hamburger, car, etc. Get creative!

    No matter what you decide to do, your dad will love it knowing it is coming from you. Share with us what you are giving your dad this year or in years past!

    Happy Father’s Day to all of the dad and granddads out there!

  3. Garden Fever- Crafts for Your Spring Garden


    Spring officially begins next week making us dream of gardens full of flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

    Have you been considering starting a garden? Do you have a garden already? Whether you are a beginner or expert, we put together a list of garden craft ideas for all ages to create.

    • Paint rocks- Decorate rocks and label them with what is planted in that section. For example tomato, parsley, or lilies.
    • Decorate popsicle sticks- If you don’t have any rocks nearby, use popsicle sticks instead. Place them in the ground so you can remember what you have plated where.
    • Adorn a garden house- Many craft stores sell kits to make bird feeders or small garden houses. Decorate them however you would like and leave one in your garden for extra character.
    • Set aside a Kid Zone- Let the kids select a few things they want to plant and set aside an area in the garden for their plants. They can water and care for this section while you handle the rest.
    • DIY Bird Feeder- Making a homemade bird feeder is easy! Take a pinecone and tie some twine around it so it will hang. Rub peanut butter on the cone and sprinkle seeds on it.  Be sure to check out all the birds that come to visit!
    • Create Stepping stones- Find large slats of rock or stepping stones at a craft store near you. Decorate the stone with paints, mosaic glass, and other tools then place in your garden.
    • Build a Welcome sign- Using stones, flowers, paint, wood, and other natural elements, decorate a Welcome sign that can sit at the entrance of your garden.
    • Paint your potters- If you place any items into pots, paint them with bright colors, pictures, or artwork.

    There are so many ideas and crafts that can be done by all ages to make your garden an even more beautiful and welcoming place. What are some of the crafts you and your family do for your garden?