1. Inside the Valor II

    Liz Reuth, Neal Communities E-Marketing Manager takes us for a tour inside Neal Communities’ Valor 2 Kitchens in Lakewood Ranch Florida. A smart design with a beautiful open concept kitchen, dining and living space give this space an open and airy touch. The space is great for entertaining guests and with a double sink facing the living room, Mr. and Ms. Homeowner can stay engaged with the guests while cleaning up! Large cabinets surround the Valor 2 kitchen making it perfect for the cook in the family to store pots and pans along with counter space to house all cooking gadgets. If you don’t believe us, just see for yourself!


    Valor II is a contemporary 1,162 Sq. Ft home perfect for a single family. Featuring two bedrooms, two bathrooms and an open concept kitchen, living and great room; this is a home full of modern charm. A family friendly community with budget friendly prices. Come experience it for yourself!




  2. Wash, Dry and a must buy !


    A recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders listed the Laundry Room as one of the top things that people want in their homes. With such a sought-after room, it’s important to be sure you’ve got a home that corresponds with your needs.

    Many of our Neal Communities’ homes include a separate laundry room with space for storage and the option to have a large laundry sink.  One of these homes is the Windsong model at Grand Palm featured above. There has never been a better time to buy in the Sarasota/Bradenton area and you have a lot of available choices.

    Visit our website for a full list of move in ready homes.



  3. Tips to Get Your Home Squeaky Clean

    Cleaning isn’t exactly on our list of “Favorite Things,” but who doesn’t enjoy having a clean and beautiful home?

    We found these cleaning tips on Pinterest and wanted to share.

    Cleaning a Shower head

    Simply put 1/3 cup baking soda, and 1 cup white vinegar in a zip lock bag. Wrap the baggie around the shower head and keep it in place with a twist tie or rubber band, letting it soak for 2-3 hours or overnight. Wipe it off when you carefully remove it. Looks as good as new!

    Removing scuff marks

    Try using WD-40 on a scrub brush. Seems odd, but works wonders.

    Stainless Steel Cleaner

    If your toaster, fridge, or even granite counter top need a wash, use 1 Tbsp. Cream of Tarter with a few drops of water. Rub it onto the appliance with a sponge brush and wipe it clean with a damp paper towel. The results will amaze you!

    Dirty Pans

    If you have cookie sheets or muffins tins that you’ve considered throwing away due to their appearance, don’t be wasteful! Instead, use tea tree oil to scrub it right off.


    If you have coffee filters lying around, use one to wipe dust off electronics such as TVs and stereos.

    For more cleaning tips you might not have thought of, check out the full article.

    Happy cleaning!

  4. Spring Cleaning- Tips For Organizing

    Spring is in the air, which means like it or not, spring-cleaning is here too.

    Every spring, we clean, organize, and realize how much stuff we accumulate over the course of the year! Keep organized by using some of the tools below.






    Shelving and small baskets can be used in every room of the house to help keep things tidy. In your bathroom, use hanging baskets to store towels, toilet paper, make up, or  other products  as these image below from ourfithouse.com. If you hang shelves, you can also store items or use the extra space for decorating by adding a picture frame or candle.







    Plastic bins can be used to store large and small items, depending on the size of the bin you purchase. Organize your medicine by its’ uses, store hardware, sewing materials, office supplies,  crafts, hair supplies, and more in an organized fashion. Larger bins can be used to stash clothing items such as swimsuits, flip flops, hats, scarves, and more.








    It seems that kitchen cabinets fill up so fast with clutter! Get creative to stay organized! Using small towel racks on the inside of doors is a great way to store pots and pans lids. Using a small rack is a great way to store cutting boards. And do you have a huge selections of spices and cooking supplies but limited space? Use tiered shelving to stack spices.




    Bookshelves are great ways to store lost of things without a space  appearing cluttered. They can be used in kids rooms as storage space as well. Try adding baskets into the different shelves and labeling them with toys, crafts, clothes, or whatever it is you are looking to store.  You can place decorative items on the top of the shelving unit too!



    These were some great ideas we found on Pinterest, but there are hundreds of more for you to discover! Visit Pinterest and see what fun ideas you come up with. Happy Spring Cleaning!