1. Neal Communities New Home Process

    Buying a new home is very exciting experience and Neal Communities is honored to be a part of one of the biggest and more important decisions you will make!

    The process behind buying a home can be overwhelming, especially to a first time buyer. That’s why we here at Neal Communities have put together a step by step process to outline what to expect from start to finish.

    1.    Choosing Your Community

    The first is determining which of our communities you would like to build in.  Our communities offer beautiful homes, a variety of amenities, and a rang of prices, allowing you to find the community to best match your needs. Or, if you prefer, we will build a Neal home for you in the community you choose.

    2.    Financing

    Neal Communities can provide you with a list of our preferred vendors, or you can elect to finance your home through the lendor of your choice.

    3.    Choose Your Model and Floor Plan

    There are many floorplans and models to select from that will cater to the design you are looking for. A Neal Communities rep will help you to ensure you find the perfect plan to fit your lifestyle and make you feel at home.

    4.    Purchase Agreement

    Once you have determined your model and floor plan, a purchase agreement will be signed. You will receive a Home Detail Guide that you will walk you through tips on maintaining your new home.

    5.    Personalizing

    If the process hasn’t been fun already, now is when you really get to personalize your home to make it your very own. During a meeting with you New Home Sales Rep and a builder, you will meet a Design Consultant who will show you the Neal gallery where you can select your lighting fixtures, appliances, finishes, and the overall look and feel of your interior appeal.

    6.    Final Approval

    During this stage of the process, your design team will present the final work order including your home design, floor plan, specification, and interior finishes. You will be able to review, approve, and sign-off before any work begins.

    7.    Permitting

    All civil, structural, and mechanical engineering details will be sent in buy Neal Communities. Once approved, our Construction team will contact you to schedule the construction start date.

    8.    Construction Launch.

    Grab those hard hats! In this step of the process, the foundation is poured, the framing is completed, mechanical features are installed, the interior drywall is finished and much more!

    9.    Final Details

    This is when you will receive an expected completion date.

    10. Moving In!

    Prior to move-in day, you will have a new home orientation with your builder.

    11. Follow up Services

    Neal Communities will complete a 30-day touch up and service requests, six-month service requests, and 11-month service requests.

    12. Warranty

    With your new home, you will receive a one-year warranty for construction defects, a two-year warranty for mechanical systems and a 10-year construction warranty.

    There are so many reasons why buying a Neal home will continue to benefit you in years to come. Hear what some of residents have to say and visit our Facebook page to see news, events, and photos of what Neal is all about.


    Thanks for selecting Neal Communities as your home!