1. DIY- Build Your Own Mason Jar Herb Garden

    With BBQ season in full swing and Easter cooking around the corner, we thought it might be fun to start growing your own personal herb garden! There’s nothing quite like having fresh ingredients to add to a tasty salad or main dish! Not only will it add a pop of color to your garden, it also tastes great, too! This DIY project is quick and easy and is one that the whole family to get involved with. For a list of materials and simple instructions click here! Visit our Pinterest page for more fun DIY ideas!

    (Photo: http://camillestyles.com/uncategorized/transformed-mason-jar-herb-garden/)


  2. Outdoor Living

    Bringing the indoors out and the outdoors in is a privilege few get to experience.  Thankfully, the tropical Southwest Florida lifestyle provides us with such luxuries! At Neal Communities, we believe in personalizing your home and making it fit your lifestyle, so why not pull out all the stops? From breathtaking pools, to optimal grilling & relaxation space, we can bring all the comforts of the indoors outside. Need to see it to believe it?  Look no further; we have the gallery just for you!

  3. Summer Nights- Backyard Bliss

    Summer is just around the corner, and you might find yourself spending more time in the outdoors. If you enjoy entertaining family and friends, or just want to spruce up your outdoor area, check out these great tips!

    Lights. Lighting can set the mood and don’t have to cost a fortune. Consider using your holiday lights to wrap around tree trunks. Tiki torches, candles, and cheap lights can all be found at local stores like Target or Walmart. Consider stringing lights from corners to brighten the scenery and add decoration.

    Decorations. Outdoor accessories can really transform an outdoor space into a something magical.  Check out local flea markets and dollar stores for pots, bowls, ornaments, lanterns, chairs, and other outdoor items.  Don’t be afraid to get crafty! If you find an item that has potential, consider painting, decorating, or fixing it. Pinterest has millions of ideas to help you!

    Privacy. You want your outdoor space to feel private and comfortable. Consider growing tall shrubs, hanging plants, or placing a garden gate in area to provide privacy from neighbors.

    Customize. Add something that best suits your personality. Maybe it’s a hammock to take naps in, or a wicker chair perfect for reading a book. A porch swing can be hung to sit with a friend and share stories,  and an herb garden can be grown with love and care. The beauty of owning a home is making it customized to you.

    Create an outdoor space that will be the hangout spot of the summer! What ideas do you have for your backyard?

  4. Outdoor Project- Build Your Own Fire Pit!

    Spring is here and like many other homeowners, you might have some outdoor projects  on your “To-Do” list.

    Stop and create something special this year that will provide outdoor entertainment to you and your guests – a backyard fire pit!

    Your backyard retreat is just a few steps away and you won’t need much to get started:

    • Concrete wall stones
    • Sand
    • Shovel
    • Tamper

    Before building anything in your backyard, you should always check with building codes. This will ensure you follow the rules and regulations.

    Pick a spot to build your fire pit that is far away from your house, low-hanging trees, or other structures.  When you start digging, be careful to not hit any lines.

    Once you determine how big you want your pit, lay down your concrete wall stones in a circle.  Typically, fire pits are anywhere from 36 to 44 inches in diameter.

    When you have your frame, dig a foot deep hole in the circle and pour sand in.

    Lay your stones around the perimeter and continue doing so until they are at least 12 inches above the ground.

    Take the time to enjoy friends and family sitting beside your cozy new fire pit!  Whether you are cooking s’mores, enjoying lemonade, or telling ghost stories, fun times are ready to begin near your backyard fire pit.