Summer Tips: Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

August 14, 2012

We all know that summertime in Florida can get a bit toasty, even for Sunshine State natives! Although summer is the perfect time for beach trips, pool parties, and enjoying our local state parks…it isn’t exactly the best time for your lawn. The combination of high temperatures and low rainfall has the potential of turning your beautiful green grass into a dry, brown mess.

Here are a few helpful tips to keep your yard healthy and happy during the summer months:

1. Adjust your lawn mower blade height to 3 inches or higher. Mowing heights that are too short will result in weakened grass plants and weed encroachment. Short grass is susceptible to disease and drought damage. Ants and other insects prefer to live in grass that has been scalped short.

2. Mow your lawn weekly during the summer months. All the afternoon rain showers we get here in the Sunshine State cause the grass to grow much quicker than during the winter months.

3. While we do get plenty of rain during the summer months, this doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need to water your lawn. It’s a careful balance…as you don’t want to overwater either, usually no more than three times per week.

4. Keep your yard in good condition. Poor condition increases chance for disease. Pay attention and look for chinch bugs (brown, straw-colored patches) and treat promptly.

5. If your lawn is in good condition, you won’t need to fertilize again until the fall. If you do, your lawn will grow like Jack’s beanstalk due to the rain!

6. Summer is a good time to add mulch or replace sod. A fresh layer of mulch does amazing things to the curb appeal of your home! And, with all the rain, your new sod will take quickly to its new surroundings!

7. Enjoy more ‘outdoor’ living time! Make time for those weekend barbeques, cookouts and pool parties.

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