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Turning your New House Into your Dream Home!

May 21, 2012

One of the most exciting and rewarding parts of building your new home in a Neal Community is the opportunity to personalize and customize your dream home to reflect your unique personality and lifestyle. The fun beings once you sign your contract to purchase your new home. The next step is to schedule your appointment to visit to our fully integrated Design Gallery.

Our team of design professionals walks every Neal homebuyer through the process of selecting everything from exterior and interior color palettes to kitchen cabinets and appliances to door handles, all with a variety of price-point options. You are given an initial tour and preview of the Design Gallery one week before the actual design session, including time to browse on your own.
The entire team of Neal Communities Designers is committed to excellence in design and to helping you choose the features that enhance your new home. Our designers are creative, organized and skilled in combining aesthetic vision with practical skills and knowledge. They will provide you with professional guidance and assistance in developing a design plan to create the perfect home for you.

A few recommendations to get you started before your appointment with the Neal Communities Designers:

• Tour several of the model homes at any of our Neal Communities. You will be presented with a wide variety of design styles and collections. Be sure to make notes of what you like best. Expect to be impressed!

• Look through home décor magazines for ideas on fixtures and other options.

• Watch some of the great home shows on HGTV for ideas on the latest trends and fashion must-haves or visit hgtv.com for other design ideas

• Collect samples of fabric swatches, tile and paint colors that you find appealing and bring them with you to your appointment

• Lastly, give yourself permission to get creative! This is YOUR dream home, let your imagination take flight

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