It’s time to create your springtime landscaping masterpiece!

April 16, 2012

Have you heard the news? It’s spring time! The days are longer, the sun is warmer and the flowers are in bloom! Have you planted new flowers and plants for spring? It’s time to create your springtime landscaping masterpiece. What are you waiting for?
Let’s get started! First, imagine that your yard as a blank canvas and the plants and flowers are your colorful paint selections. You are the artist who is going to create the masterpiece! Even if you weren’t born with a green thumb, you can still make your yard look beautiful. Here are some simple tips to get you started.

  • Have a vision – Browse through gardening magazines and go on-line to gardening websites to get an overall idea of how you want your yard to look. There are many options to choose from. Get a clear vision of what you want the results to be.
  • Do your homework – Once you have your landscape vision in place, start doing your homework. Plants and flowers are unique. They have different requirements and needs. Some plants will thrive in the sun, while others will not. It’s important to understand what the specific needs of each plant or flower are.
  • Prepare your yard – This means getting your lawn and soil in top shape for planting – remove any old debris (leaves, foliage, and old mulch) and don’t forget to pull out the weeds!
  • Visit your favorite garden store – You are now ready to purchase your seeds, plants and flowers! Don’t be shy. Upon arrival at the garden center seek out an employee to help you with your selections. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, they are the experts and will happily assist you.
  • Dig in the dirt – Time to roll up your sleeves and start planting!
  • Fertilize & Water – Don’t forget to feed and water your plants and flowers, especially in the initial weeks of planting.
  • Add fresh mulch – This will transform the look of your entire yard. Your mulch acts as the framework for your masterpiece.
  • Make time to ‘smell the roses’ (or whatever you have planted!) – Nothing is more satisfying that watching your yard shake off its subdued wintertime blanket to reveal a vibrant bouquet of springtime color!

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